Corporate Chaplaincy provides ecumenical, non-denominational spiritual wellness services for atheists, humanists and persons with faith in an organizational setting or retained for private, personal direction.


  • Personal chaplain, trusted confidant, spiritual adviser.
  • Finding ways to keep you whole and not compartmentalized.
  • Helping you stay grounded and connected with a sense of self.
  • Safe place to decompress, let down one’s guard and explore private and professional issues.
  • Finding the best approach to connect the soul with career or your management style.
  • Weddings, blessings, monthly home services, and more.
  • Skype, telephone or in person spiritual wellness.
  • LGBTQ spiritual support including weddings, counseling, home blessings and more.


  • Worksite visits.
  • Group workshops on spiritual wellness.
  • Resource recommendations for employees.
  • Management and human resource consultation.
  • Ethics and compliance training with a secular, spiritual slant.
  • Tailored, personal wellness programs for professionals at all levels as part of a well-rounded EAP.