Questions and Answers

What is the benefit to my organization of including spiritual wellness in an Employment Assistance Program (EAP)?

  • Greater moral;
  • Stronger teamwork;
  • Productivity increases;
  • Greater awareness to ethics in the workplace limiting theft, waste and fraud;
  • Job safety, loyalty and satisfaction increases;
  • Stress, tardiness, anxiety, and absenteeism decline;
  • Offers calming outlet.   Employees share frustrations, helping them better focus on their job reducing destructive outlets like bullying or substance abuse; and
  • Provides management collective knowledge of employee concerns without violating confidentiality.

Increasingly, businesses, including startups, provide Corporate Chaplains as part of EAPs. It reflects a greater awareness by employers for the spiritual needs of their team.

Spiritual wellness contributes to improving an employee’s life and hence, helps the company’s bottom line.  It is a better sense of self which can have a direct impact on workplace ethics and compliance.

Home Banc, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Tyson Foods, Allied Holdings, Hobby Lobby, Coca-Cola Bottling, and American LubeFast are among the companies providing employees some level of spiritual wellness services.

In addition, use of spiritual services can directly benefit an organization’s ethics and compliance programs.  There is a correlation between ethics and spiritual health.  Employees develop a greater sense of self by seeking wholeness, making it less likely they’ll compartmentalize themselves as one type of person outside the organization and another in the business environment with a separate set of amoral, detached values.

Private sector Chaplains, keeping a distinction between religion and spirituality, though comfortable with both, are independent of the organization and offer a safe, confidential resource, yet are often able to get a sense of an overall culture that could be beneficial to management in improving the work environment for everyone.

What is spiritual health and wellness?

It’s one of the most overlooked needs of professionals today.

If you feel compartmentalized, then your spiritual health requires care and attention.

If there are issues you wouldn’t bring home and rarely have a chance to discuss with someone you trust, then your spiritual wellness can be compromised.

If despite professional success and a beautiful family you feel alone, not lonely, but alone, then your spiritual wellbeing needs attention.

If you find yourself emotionally exhausted beneath a strong, confident appearance, then your spiritual needs are unsatisfied.

There are ethics, leadership, and multi-day professional development seminars. Retreats don’t often come with speakers about spiritual health and wellness. Seminar speakers on the topic are few and far between. Professionals are frequently, yet should not be, alone when faced with ongoing spiritual needs.

What is a Corporate Chaplain?

A Corporate Chaplain is a trained professional who provides confidential ecumenical, non-denominational spiritual care and counsel. He or she is a personal or organizational resource. In some cases he is an impartial adviser to employees at all levels about concerns, challenges, or questions that arise in their private or professional life.

Why do I need a Corporate Chaplain?

It’s a necessity in today’s business or professional climate. Access to spiritual counsel is not a perk or luxury. A Corporate Chaplain provides a safe zone with whom staff and management can decompress.

Work pressures, career choices, and life in general can lead to larger questions about success, fulfillment, and why we make certain decisions. A Corporate Chaplain guides you to craft specific questions to journey into the right answers. He stays with you to help find answers.

A Corporate Chaplain encourages you to make time to think about where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. It’s an opportunity to slow down and hear yourself think, have a private conversation, and receive objective feedback. You’re challenged to look beyond the obvious, go past appearances, and dig deeper within yourself before making decisions that impact your life and career.

Your spiritual wellness influences the overall health of your organization and personal life. Don’t be hesitant to acknowledge it, at least to yourself.  A Corporate Chaplain also can assist an individual struggling with personal issues to find resources to benefit his or her wellbeing.

Is Corporate Chaplaincy about religion?

Not necessarily. In some cases, a person who seeks the assistance of a Corporate Chaplain may wish to discuss things in a religious context. The employee, not Chaplain, must initiate that discussion.  Often, however, a Corporate Chaplain shares observations or offers a confidential ear that can be spiritual in nature, but not religious.

If you’ve ever lived in the moment or had time stop as you held your child for the first time or were awed by the wonders of nature then you’ve had a spiritual experience. Spiritual need not be religious. Corporate Chaplains nurture an individual’s health and spiritual development to see the world professionally and personally with a different perspective. They help you find wholeness.

Who is Paul P. Jesep?

Paul graduated from an accredited seminary and has extensive professional experience in government and the private sector. Paul has an appreciation for the “real world.”

He is an author, attorney and blogger on business ethics. Paul discretely and confidentially works with men and women individually and sometimes in a group to deepen personal and spiritual awareness to further wholeness, meaning in life, and a connection to something bigger than self-interest. Because of this background he is able to work with individuals to nourish their mental and spiritual wellbeing with a realistic, pragmatic approach to career and private matters. Paul does so as an experienced professional with a spiritual and if requested, religious, perspective.

What is the process to retain Paul as a personal Corporate Chaplain or for my organization?

Personal or organizational needs are distinct. Paul will speak with your EAP or HR Department to determine what services he could provide.

If as an individual you consider retaining Paul as a Personal Chaplain, then there is an important decision to be made. Trust, chemistry, and confidentiality are critical. Paul will speak with you by Skype, phone, or in person to determine if you both believe there is a fit.

After this initial conversation and if you both agree there is a complement, Paul will forward to you a confidentiality agreement.

You will have an extensive intake or conversation with him on a range of personal, spiritual, and professional issues. Based on this meeting he will develop a plan to assist you in spiritual health, awareness, and development and meet with you by Skype or in-person to discuss it. At that time or after you’ve had a chance to further review the document you can retain Paul on a regular or as-needed basis.